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Fairfax Jury Awards $61,000.00 Verdict In Low Property Damage Case

On January 16, 2013, a Fairfax County jury returned a verdict for the Plaintiff in the case Crawley v. Danschin in the amount of $61,000.00 in favor of the Plaintiff. This was an unusual verdict in that there was very little visible property damage to either car. Plaintiff’s attorney, Thomas B. Morrison of Fairfax, Virginia, argued that as a result of the Defendant’s negligence, Plaintiff had a fear of losing his long standing job because of physical limitations resulting from the accident. The defense argued that the injury could not have occurred because the property damage was not significant. Plaintiff alleged a herniated disk in the lower back as well as cervical strains. This verdict shows the importance of proper documentation of physical injuries in any case, as well as the fact that while low property damage can be a problem in front of a jury, it can be overcome with the proper preparation. Any questions concerning this verdict or other legal issues in Northern Virginia should be directed to Thomas B. Morrison at 703-273-1133 or at